What if Laylatul Qadr is over?


What is the reality of Laylatul Qadr?

It is a moment in time, when all of creation, is in prostration, to the Creatorﷻ.

A hadeeth of our Holy Prophetﷺ states,

“A servant is closest to his Lordﷻ, when he is in sujood.”

So Laylatul Qadr is in reality, a moment of extreme closeness to Allahﷻ.

Are you seeking to be close, to be beloved, to Himﷻ? Or are you just seeking to catch the moment to ask for your needs and rake in the rewards of a thousand months’ worshipping?

You must want to be close to Himﷻ, in order to experience the taste of that magnificent moment.

Most Mureeds don’t realise this.

How do I seek out that special moment during Laylatul Qadr?

Many people try to look for a sign of that moment. Some gaze at the sky, others at trees, and yet others look for hints like silence, rain or other phenomena.

There is no need to “catch” Laylatul Qadr in this manner.

If your intention is correct, which is to please your Lordﷻ and to be close to Himﷻ, Laylatul Qadr will show itself to you. It will be Hisﷻ gift to the true Seekers.

Again, so many Mureeds are unaware of this.

There are people announcing that Laylatul Qadr has passed, I am very despondent, should I stop looking for it?


Allahﷻ is Most Rich.

Heﷻ does not give the same experience to each person.

Heﷻ does not “photocopy”, Mawlana Shaykh Nazimق always reminded us.

Each person, will taste Laylatul Qadr differently, at different moments, according to the Divine Will and the servant’s sincerity.

So don’t be affected if others announced they already met Laylatul Qadr.

Chase your own Laylatul Qadr.

And you will be amazed to see how Heﷻ arranges each person’s journey, differently.

If I have already met Laylatul Qadr, should I still continue to do night vigil?


Each night of Ramadhan, even the even nights, are filled with very special blessings that you cannot imagine, that you cannot meet, on other nights, outside Ramadhan.

Hence Grandshaykhق said,

“Treat every night as Laylatul Qadr.”

Make intention to hold onto the hem of the jubbah of your Shaykhق, every single night of Ramadhan, so that, where heق is going Spiritually, who heق is meeting Spiritually, and what dressings heق is being bestowed with, you will have a share in it.

So don’t slacken even for a day, throughout this month, and if you can maintain tahajjud and this intention all year round, that is ultimately the best for a Mureed.

Should I tell anyone of my Laylatul Qadr experience?

No. Not in Ramadhan, at least.

It breaks people’s momentum and makes them stop looking for the night. And you will be responsible for ruining his Ramadhan.

It is also revealing a secret that is kept by Allahﷻ, Rasulﷺ and our Shaykhق. Neither Shaykh Nazimق nor Shaykh Mehmetق has ever announced that the night was already over.

Even when they celebrate it on the 27th, they always remind Mureeds that it can actually still be on any night.

So let’s follow our Shaykh’sق example, don’t follow our childish ego that wants to boast to fellow Mureeds, whereas Tariqah is to train our ego to be humble.

(This Suhbah is prepared by the SufiHub team from the Naqshbandi ‘Aliyyah Zawiyah of Singapore. It is intended for mureeds of Mawlana Shaykh Mehmet Adil in Singapore, and for the nearby areas who have been following our Whatsapp broadcasts. Locals who wish to know about the Naqshbandi Way, please feel free to email us at [email protected] Foreigners who wish to be in our broadcasts may also contact us via email.)

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