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The tragic end of Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden has been a controversial figure in the Muslim world. Some view him as a true Islamic warrior, others, as a murderer and terrorist. Is his death that of a martyr or otherwise? Maulana skillfully dissects Osama’s actions and motives, explaining to the mureeds a very important lesson as to why Tariqah is so important, for it is the only means of subduing the Ego. Maulana says, we are all servants – either to our Egos, or to our Lord. One who returns to Allah as a slave to his Ego, has lost his honour, forever.

This is perhaps one of the most important Suhbahs ever Summarised, it is for anyone who seeks to know what religion is really all about. The aim of religion is so simple, so fundamental, but shaitan has distracted us from the true destination – it is like a student who enrolls in the best University, who goes to campus everyday, and participates in so many campus activities (like Sports, Social work, running the Campus newsletter and standing for elections on the Student Council etc) – he does everything, except study, and in the end he fails his examinations.

Today’s believers are doing just that – they are aimlessly going through the motion of performing the religious rituals, but they are not tasting or feeling anything real, for they have left out the most important ingredient of the meal. Food without salt is tasteless, just as drinks without sugar is. Each time we have whip up a gourmet meal, shaitan ensures that we forget the salt and sugar. Because religion is so tasteless today, people are seeking to taste from the enjoyment of dunia instead.

Read this Suhbah slowly and with a real desire to understand what has gone wrong in our lives. Maulana has laid out our most important struggle in religion, clearly for us to see.

May Allah bestow us all with understanding and wisdom, ameen! Continue reading

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Maulana addresses Egyptians – Oh Scholars, Leaders and Protesters!!

Maulana Shaykh Nazim gave a series of Special Suhbahs to address all layers of society in Egypt. Religion is advice, and it is especially needed at crucial moments like this. Maulana addressed the ulama’, the Leaders, the Protesters and finally the entire nation. We have divided the entire address into two parts for easy reading.

Part one of Maulana address to Egyptians is to Scholars, Leaders and Protesters. In this very special address, Maulana extracts from the Holy Quran, a series of beautiful and relevant Verses, that provide guidance in these dangerous and trying times. He speaks from the advice of the Saints from the Golden Chain, and from the Awtad (Pillar Saints) of Egypt.

Do read carefully, ponder over them and disseminate the information fully, for it could help save lives and save Souls. Continue reading

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Stunning Quranic solution to the situation in Egypt

On the 27th of October last year, Maulana announced that all dictators would fall this year. Recite Hasbunallah Robbunallah, he said, and Allah will remove the fear from your hearts, and the dictators will instead flee in fear. Few believed him, for these tyrants have held onto power with an vise-like grip for many decades, oppressing their citizens into submission. In an uncanny turn of events, the Arab world’s dictators now stare exile in the face, as their citizens’ fear seems to have mysteriously evaporated into thin air. Maulana speaks out strongly against protesters who resort to violence and destruction to make their point. There is no need to even lift a finger, Maulana says, if we follow the teaching of a particular Verse in the Quran. And if the citizens realized the actual reason for them being thrust under the yoke of tyrannical dictators, they will be stunned! Read this fascinating Summary, and spread the message to all whom you know in the Middle East. Continue reading

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Do not frown: 13th December 2010

Only a tyrant disrespects Rasulullah (saw). Allah Himself has placed Rasulullah (saw) on a pedestal, so who are we to disregard him? By increasing our love for Rasulullah (saw), we increase in faith, lights and Stations. A tyrant is one who objects to Divine orders. We have been ordered to fight the tyranny of our egos and to open our eyes to our own short-comings. Tyrants are always displeased with their Lord’s Will and unhappy with their fellow Man’s actions, so their faces are always showing displeasure, and their inner dirtiness emerges as an ugly scowl on their faces. Maulana says, smile always, and do not frown at others. Continue reading

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The Deadly Kiss Of Iblis

At the instant shaitan plants his kiss on the forehead of the condemned one, ugliness begins to seep into this person’s face, and gradually, his features change into shaitanic ones, throughout his life, until death comes. After death, worse is to follow – the facial features become even uglier and more horrifying, it acquires an added shade of darkness and a foul odour begins to be emitted from the body. Continue reading

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